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About Amber-Celeste - Empowerment Agent, Business Strategist & Brand Marketing Expert

Want Something Different?
Do Something Different.

But First, Let's Get (Really) Real...

Loaded with talent, smarts and a crap-ton of brilliant ideas, you had a serious vision for your life and biz, that entity with the power to transform your existence an industry the entire damn universe as we know it.

And yet, though you're capable of spectacular things and enjoy some incredible highs, if we're honest, right now you’re just not where you wanna be, seeing the kind of results you wanna see.

As an Entrepreneur...

You sometimes find yourself unclear, unfocused, and unsure whether you actually have what it takes to achieve the success you desire; battling frustration as you attempt to juggle the many components of a growing business; and too often plagued by overwhelm, procrastination, and an unhealthy drive for perfection.

As a Leader in Your Field...

Though you've perhaps cracked the financial abundance code, you're increasingly aware of the price you're paying for a one-dimensional existence that places work above all else (with far fewer rewards than anticipated), as health, relationships, and even connection to self become lost in the fray.

Something's Just Not Gelling.

And truth be told, you're not quite sure how, when, and if things will ever come together as you imagined.

​Sound At All Familiar?

Well, Welcome To Your One-Stop-Holistic-Success-Shop, Darlin'!

I'm Amber-Celeste, creator of empowering personal brands (that brazenly embrace individuality), purpose-driven businesses (think: profiting from being true to yourself), and (courtesy of steps 1 & 2) lives my clients friggin' adore.

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You might call me a Life-Biz Architect-slash-Synergist. (Yeah, that's actually a thing, and you can rest assured I've perfected the art.)

My job, then? To make you richer, happier, and a whole lot more confident in all you do. And I don't take it lightly.

If you're a lover of a cold, hard truth that'll bring you increased amounts of cash and joy, are truly ready to replace fabricated excuses for substantive results, and are committed to the kind of consistent action that ensures you're never squandering your legendary potential...we should definitely talk.

Because I Truly Believe...

You’ve important sh*t to share with the world. That self-care, self-mastery, and self-love (yep, I said it) is the key to your empowerment. And that building a business shouldn’t be tear-inducing; there should be equally large servings of financial and emotional reward (it’s not an either-or); and its design should perfectly complement your daily living.

That’s how it should be, and that’s how it can be.

For you, my cubicle-phobic friend, can at any moment choose to rewrite the rules for your life and livelihood.

All you have to do is…decide. That’s it. No spells or potions, no clicking of ruby heels or slaying of dragons, no waiting for Prince or Princess Charming to rescue you from 9-5 mundanity. Just. Decide. And let’s get down to work.

I've Got Mad Skills

Business degree aside, I’ve spent over twenty years working for myself, so I know what it takes to be successful…and how it feels to make costly mistakes. With a wealth of experience in the areas of coaching, consulting, brand marketing and web design, I’ll help catapult your confidence, revamp your day-to-day, and turn your talents into salable services before unleashing them on the world.

I Subscribe To The Mantra, 'There's Always A Solution'

In this age of information, we’ve access to a gazillion tools and resources in our search for answers. So, no matter the situation, I’m confident our power to overcome a problem, direct an outcome, and thus create whatever we imagine is never beyond reach.

I've A Gift And A Passion For Education

I’ve devoted my entire adult life to teaching in some capacity and have a remarkable knack for breaking down essentials (across a wide range of subjects) and delivering them in a fresh, innovative way. I’ll provide both the knowledge you want and the knowledge you need, to propel you, your life, and your business to the next level.

I Employ A 'Take No Prisoners' Approach

(But I’ll Believe In You Even On Those Rare Occasions You Barely Believe In Yourself.)
I’m a no-nonsense lover of results. Sometimes sarcastic and always direct, I’ll keep it real by telling you the truth no matter what, pushing you beyond the bounds of your comfort zone. And though I operate an excuse-free environment, you can count on me to champion you when fear and doubt threaten your success.

I'm A Practical Dreamer

The perfect blend of left and right brain, I find logic and strategy sexy whilst simultaneously embracing all things creative. I’m also big on intuition and personal expression. And we’ll make use of each of ’em when building you a life and biz that are as happy and profitable as they are inspiring.

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From The Client Files...

Before working with Amber-Celeste, I had no idea what I was doing, how I was serving my clients, or even who they were. But she taught me how to create a brand that would bring attention to my special qualities, would differentiate me from other experts and help me stand out. Thanks to her, I was able to incorporate the right design and message to attract my people.

​Amber's loving yet firm guidance gave me confidence to charge more for my services, establish myself in my industry, and to speak up and shine. Without the accountability, I could never have achieved all I did in such a short time. Amber's broad knowledge, her attention to detail, overall vision of what my business can be, her hands on support, her non-negotiable belief that I can do it, brought me to a totally new stage in my business. I feel established, bold, brilliant and beautiful.

Lira Kay
Coach & Speaker, She's Got Passion 

The "Trust Me...I'm A Professional" Bio

Amber-Celeste is a success strategist and brand marketing expert who empowers visionary leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs to create lives they love by way of personal/professional branding, mindset mastery, and bold business-building. An accomplished speaker, writer and trainer, she is founder of AmberCeleste International and, dedicated to helping clients uncover, package and market their talents to create lives of more money, freedom and joy, whilst uniquely impacting the world.

With a background jam-packed with the best of classroom and real-world know-how, she is valued for her creative solutions, her ability to quickly ascertain issues that stand in the way of success, and for her clear communication style that enables clients to effectively and expediently implement change.

Amber-Celeste is a life-long entrepreneur, is proud to have gained the most important insights into what it takes to grow a profitable business, and — in her own inimitable fashion that includes straight-speaking and a no-nonsense approach — is passionate about helping others do the same.