Business Strategy & Lifestyle Design for Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders

I'll Help Amplify Your 'Awesome'
And Bolster Your Bottom Line.

So, let's focus on you for a sec.

On the dreams that connect you to purpose, heighten pure joy, fuel your determination, and inspire you to stray from the comfy, beaten path of business as usual.

On all that makes you great...and the infinite confidence, clients and cash that should accompany such greatness.

On who you are and what you want.

Because I'm here with a quick reminder that you're too damn brilliant to let any of it elude you.

I'm Amber-Celeste...

Success strategist, brand marketing gangsta,
& Champion Of The "No Bullshit/No Excuses" Approach.

An Empowerment Agent on a mission to help you create a life you love by way of a Personal Brand and Bank-makin' Business that are boldly aligned with who you are.

A life of risk and riches that involves never asking for which you triumph often (with your integrity still intact), are handsomely rewarded for making your mark on humanity, and become your happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled self.

Simply put, I train Freedom-Centric Entrepreneurs, Small Biz Innovators, and Visionary Leaders with an idea and a burning desire to transform the world, HOW TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

Fancy a bit of that? Good. Then tie back your hair, roll up your sleeves, and let's go getcha all you crave.​

You were meant for incredible things; I look forward to helping you claim them.

amber-celeste intro

From The Client Files...

Amber-Celeste is not only a branding and marketing powerhouse, but also an incredible strategist. She has an amazing quantity of cutting to the chase and identifying the root cause of an issue. Add that to her ability to dispense the right advice and create a plan for that advice to stick, and you have a coach and consultant that gets results. I can tell you that she has made a huge difference in my life and business.

Don Neal
Founder/CEO, 360 Live Media